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SYSTEM status.

  • June 20-21 2012 - June 21 2013 Welcome-action is not started: application has been attacked from hosting-provider - account has been blocked Jun 19 2013, - they have read upcoming events of iClub 'Mercury', too.

  • Jun 2013 Private social network has started here:

  • Oct 30 All web-sites came out USA. I hope sites will not be returned back to USA at next several years.

  • Dec 'MEDIAcommunity' is Returning back as restored application into format of licensed application.

  • Dec 5-21 Start Private social ExpoMUSIC network:

  • 'MNews 2013' will include information of 2013 year activity: how, what, when and why. Also, and therefore, too, you are invited to unsubscribe, if you are not wished to know announcments from author, if you are contact from public shared of your contact information on the net. In any case, do not worry, you can return back via join account on any of private social networks of this WebSYSTEM.

    Calculation of licensed photos are limited, therefore, after list of 'MNEWS' will be included full complete of author's almanac calculation, will create MNews2 for almanac 'Stage-Coach' in different format.

    MNews is not Welcome-message into iClub 'Mercury', but one of next MNews issue will be included info for connection to Cyber-subscription on iClub 'Mercury' - after iClub 'Mercury' will be started in full access.

    Connection to social-membership of iClub 'MERCURY' are via joining account on any of Private social networks of this WEBsystem.

  • If this application will not be restored to Jan 30 2014, - restoring process might take many several weeks: for example, http-server does not see mysql-server - at 2 of 2 servers outside USA. What can I make? Look a new server or ... wait - until them un-support will be restored connection mysql server to web-system. I think first case for getting decision: USA has to come out - in format them access to my data: blogs, articles, members ... these are having reason to escape out ... out ... out - sites escape out and they came to any servers with escaped sites - too.

    Also all servers are located on USA, and they are there or they are coming to these or another external servers because 300000 blogs are stolen from off my data, because 150 dollars are stollen from off my accounts on hostings of them country ..... and they are liking to make so activity, and therefore restoring process might take several weeks amd months.

  • Jan - June Almanac 'Stage-Coach 1-2 Express.Special' will let for Welcome-membership.

  • Jan - June Almanac 'Stage-Coach 1-2 Special' will let for members with subscription of Cyber-membership, Mercury-membership.
  • Jan 30 Projects: 'herHERO', 'MoonTribune' are connectings.

  • Jan 30 Cocktail-bar is connected.

  • Jan - June Almanac 'Stage-Coach 1-2 Express.Special' will let for Welcome-membership.

  • Jan - June Almanac 'Stage-Coach 1-2 Special' will let for members with subscription of Cyber-membership, Mercury-membership.

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    MyStarWEB is a very powerful Networking site of the author's project: club 'Mercury'.

    We are trying to check out any variants for begin start but this can take sometime.
    Pre-start period will ended such as 'Spica'-shop will start and we will connect offers for paid-subscriptions.

    HERE are prohibited to use eletronical translator, share internal information and link to external site(s), also any material ( or part ) has been published on author's media or here always.

    All costs are preliminaries with sign: @ - for orientation: project works free for 'Welcome'-membership in Pre-start period - limited time: trial period is included for anything further.

    Access to 'MyStarWEB' is via invitation only; access to the club 'Mercury' via author's invitation ONLY.

    Activation account

    Every account has to be approved via administration to any subscription.


    Any subscription or access has some rules for so access to the author's club. So, if any persons who has been invited to the 'Business' subsription or 'Mystery' without personal photo has been uploaded to avatar of account them will get subscription 'Party' of 'Welcome'-membership on MyStarWEB after period has been ended for activation account.

    Any person has to take activation account in period 'Welcome'-action for their joined via club-rules.

    With MyStarWEB

    you can:
    • Build Social, Personal and Business network;
    • Share interests, keeping up with friends;
    • Use built in communication services;
    • Invite people with similar interests to join;
    • Get bonuses (for Subscription), news & special offer (for club) from author;
    • Join bussines (or private) group for connect to bussines-contacts & solutions or another reasons;
    Please, do not miss welcome-message. Try this network for free: accept to Join MySarWEB, if you are invited.


    01.10.2012 ACCESS's SUBSCRIPTIONs

    If another is not included, Club-membership: onetime payment.


    Social, Welcome, PARTY.

    Free limited membership is opening until network has quota for access to so membership at this year.
    Subscription of Welcome-membership on MyStarWEB.

    • Member on MEDIAcommunity;
    • Registered Users: activated account via confirmed link has sent to email, approved by administration;
    • not invited for membership;
    • Invited for membership and have created profile without personal photo into avatar;
    • Not paid to subscription (access) after trial period has been ended.
    • You're Invited by member of MyStarWEB;

    Subscription 'Social' and 'Party', and 'Welcome' ... these are one type of access to this project. If you do connect to Subscription 'Welcome' - further, after connected full project to full work, you can connect to subscription 'Cyber' or 'Media'.

    'Welcome' - subscription for contacts from nets, 'Party' - subscription for another who are invited and made account in full edition, 'Social' - subscription for them who are here without face and right information and also for them who are joined this project without invitation.

    'Social', 'Party' - are not club, these are subscriptions for network ''.

    'Welcome' is subscription for limited time test-period: this subscription will end with connection pay for membership and subscription. If after so transfer any person will wish stay in free subscription, this person will get 'Social' subscription without problems.

    Subscription 'Welcome' are for contacts who are invited from social or business nets to this project, who has been account in full edition and etc ...

    CYBER-membership is not Available.


    One time payment.
    Get Almanac 'Stage-Coach' issue (new).
    Cyber-subscription on MyStarWEB is club pre-membership.
    • You're invited for membership on MyStarWEB via offer from administration, owner.
    • You have been created profile in full edition.


    Registered people who are working for massmedia, press, redaction, movie and etc.
    Club membership: free.
    • invited for Cyber-membership.
    • You have created profile in full edition.
    • You are creating news-blog, news-forum, media-theme.
    Subscription Payment: onepayment per year.
    Get Almanac 'Stage-Coach' issue (new).

    Business-membership is not Available


    Sponsorship a conservation project.

    We will give 2% of all donations per period to projects (including herHERO) for caring animals, wild nature.

    If you have doing to create professional blog with your work to conservation, medical help to animals you can connect to so subscription in next period.

    Please, make so blog: add materials, photocopies with ... from animals and owner, tell yours works with photo ... and you will get so subscription to next period.

    Our sponsorship for this project will:
    one prize of 1% Circulation ... of author's media - for activity;
    one prize of 1% Circulation ... of author's media - for won;
    two subscriptions to action 'Cat Yan birthday' to 2024 (14 years since action years: 2010, 2011);

    also we will adopt wild animals, make professional media for animals and them owners, make point for ambulance-help to animals via using 2% donation of the conservation project ... think, we will look happiness eyes of animals in such action.

    Important, we will accept help to animals: pets, orcas and dolphins, leons and pumas, birds and wild animals always and only.

    The Sun and Moon, sea and oceans, stars and horizons are our friends and we will try to know them world here: as are.

    What is next period?
    This will take 1-2 years but will become and end with come out i-magazine 'Sail' issue.
    If next issue 'Sail' will coming in next month, for example, next period, new period for new subscribers will become since date when this issue let out.

    We have plans, but any plan can to be corrected and we will let out 'Sail' issue per ??? year. New issue so i-magazine will become new period of access via pay subscription for next period.